Buyer Insights

Discover how to optimize your forms to gain more signups and sales from Al Mackin, CEO of Formisimo

Episode Summary

Al Mackin talks about how to optimize forms so that buyers are more likely to fill 'em out.

Episode Notes

Your forms can often make or break whether someone signs up or buys from you. Al Mackin, CEO of Formisimo and Nudgr, is here to help you optimize your forms to get more people to fill them out.

Al started out as a programmer and thought he'd end up continuing that work. Later on he learned about marketing and optimization, his true passion. He soon started his own agency, and now runs Formisimo, a tool that helps you optimize web forms, and Nudgr, machine learning that increases conversions.

Al and Liston discuss plenty of topics in this episode including:

You can catch Al at and Reach out to him on Twitter @almackin.

Recommendations from Al (and Liston) during this podcast episode include:

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